DJ Alok vs. Skyler vs. Dimitri: Which Free Fire character is more suitable to push the rank?

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Free Fire has many characters with unique talents. With the inclusion of Dimitri, the players are interested to learn more about his abilities and whether the character is suitable for playing in matches with ranked rankings.

DJ Alok and Skyler have always been popular characters in Free Fire. This article compares the talents of these three characters in the ranked games.

DJ Alok

DJ Alok can boost players’ movement speed by 15% or 10% at the base level. Drop the Beat can allow five HPs every 5 seconds, starting at the base level and 10 seconds at the highest level.


Skyler’s active ability of Riptide rhythm allows players to smash five gloo walls within just 50m in the beginning and 100 at the end of the level. It is also possible to increase the HP by 4 points or recuperate up to 9 points.


Dimitri can heal heartbeats that let him boost his HP up to 10 minutes. Allies and users can self-recover after being struck down within the 3.5-meter healing zone.

Which Free Fire character should you pick to rank-push?

DJ Alok is still one of the most well-known characters from Free Fire. He defeated Skyler as well as Dimitri in rankings matches. DJ Alok not only helps in HP recovery but also improves the speed of movement for the player.

Skyler gets more attention among aggressive athletes. Dimitri is a good choice self-healing is an important skill, especially during matches with a squad.


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