7 Free Fire tips for using grenades with the same skill as pros

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Grenades that are part of Free Fire are powerful throwable elements. They can destroy walls made of gloo or eliminate a whole team and even eliminate campers from the structures. Learning how to utilize these walls will provide players with an advantage when fighting.

It is easy to use them since they are simple to use. If you follow a few guidelines, players can make the most of their items in combat.

Pointers to follow for maximizing proficiency with grenades in Free Fire

Cook grenades for immediate effect

After a grenade has been thrown, the opponent has 2 to 3 seconds to get away from the blast’s range. This helps them be protected from injury.

To avoid this problem to overcome this problem, players should prepare their grenades before throwing. If they are cooked correctly, the grenades should explode almost instantly upon impact.

Use multiple grenades at once

A good strategy to use Free Fire is to use multiple grenades at the same time. This allows the opponent the least amount of space to maneuver and has a greater likelihood of causing damage. This strategy is a great one to use with great effectiveness in taking down homes.

Learn to compensate for grenade bounce

Grenades that Free Fire bounce when thrown. This makes it possible for players who have quick reaction times to exit the blast distance. While this isn’t an issue, players must learn to adjust for a bounce to make their shots more precise using grenades.

Memorize angle and distance traveled by a grenade

A guideline is displayed when you throw a weapon. It indicates the distance that it will travel depending on the angle from which it is being thrown. Learning these angles will enable gamers to throw grenades more quickly.

Use grenades in open spaces to avoid bouncing back.

Grenades can be dangerous. When thrown, any person within the blast’s radius will suffer the damage. To reduce the chance that these throwables hit objects and bounce back, the throwers should not throw grenades into open areas or tight spaces.

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Don’t overcook grenades

Cooking grenades with Free Fire can reduce the time needed to explode. If it is done properly, it will explode when it hits, immediately killing the target. However, if it’s overcooked, the grenade explodes before it is released, killing people instead.

Find cover before throwing grenades.

Targeting or throwing explosives in the right direction takes some time. In those microseconds, the players are vulnerable to the possibility of firing. In the event of a shootout, opponents can benefit from this and take headshots quickly. To prevent this from happening, the grenades must be dropped from behind the cover.


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