Five top landing spots on Free Fire to collect loot and gain zone advantage

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The ability to know where to land is a crucial aspect of Free Fire. But, being too far from the center may cause wasted time turning. The hot zones can result in early eliminations.

It is vital to pick an ideal landing location to get loot, gain zone advantage, and other goals. You can locate great spots for landing to earn high-quality loot or ensure that you are in the zone when playing Free Fire.

Top 5 places to go to for great loot 

1. Bayfront (Kalahari)

While arriving at Bayfront is extremely risky, players could gain loot or hideouts when they strike. Once that initial dust has cleared, players can protect the area and lock the area down.

The players who can arrive in Council Hall and Confinement will likely travel through this zone to get to the central. The players can take advantage of this to create a perfect area for sniping and gain quick kills. For FF Redeem Code Visit this post

2.Command Post (Kalahari)

Command Post is an excellent location to play as a passive player or gain an advantage in the zone through Free Fire. Command Post is a great location for securing and locking down because of its location close to the center on the map.

Because of its size, players can get plenty of treasures here, along with excellent hiding spots and locations to ambush the enemy. In addition, players from Santa Catarina and Stone Ridge will traverse this zone in search of loot. This allows players to eliminate opponents easily.

3. Brasilia (Purgatory)

The zone is large, and it is very difficult to protect due to the absence of housing. However, players can acquire valuable loot and advantage in early games by using the gloo walls.

Marble work, Quarry, and Golf Course are all targets of enemies. Villa or even Central change through Brasilia frequently. If they plan well, players can set up kill zones and then pin down their opponents as the zone is closed.

4. Clock Tower (Bermuda)

The Clock Tower is the best spot to take on Free Fire matches. It’s a well-known location and has a lot of loot. It’s also a popular spot where opponents can rotate due to its location on the game map.

To ensure they are killed, players who reach Pochinok may even turn around in Clock Tower. There will be multiple rounds of elimination awarded to players who can successfully defend the zone and secure the area.

5. Kota Tua (Bermuda)

Kota Tua may not be the most lucrative place to get take advantage of in-game loot. However, players must still visit this area for a chance to benefit from the advantage of a zone in Free Fire. Players will be rotating through the zone due to its proximity to Cape Town, Samurai’s Garden, and other cities of importance.

The area is a great place to create an area of death. But, players who rotate from Peak will benefit in the field. Players shouldn’t be fighting back but instead, go back to Pochinok.


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