3 reasons Chrono is superior to Dimitri as well as Thiva on Free Fire

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Chrono is among the most sought-after Free Fire characters. His abilities, Time Turner, were nerfed by the OB27 update, which was a snub to the delight of players. While his power is less than before, he’s still a top choice for players.

Free Fire celebrates its 4th anniversary by bringing Dimitri Vegas (and Like Mike) as DJ co-stars. They’ve inspired two different characters, Dimitri And Thiva. This article will discuss the reasons Chrono is superior to those two.

What makes Chrono superior over Thiva and Dimitri?

1. Solo matches

The abilities of Chrono can be utilized to play any game, either as a player on their own or in a group. He’s a great choice for players who are a bit more aggressive.

The ability of Thiva to quickly rescue is the reason it’s so useful in solo matches. The ability of Dimitri to save is beneficial in matches played solo but not as effective as Time-Turner.

2. Speed

In competitive matches, speed plays a major part. The ability of Chrono to boost the speed of players by as much as 15 percent to five percent.

Dimitri helps in HP recovery, but it isn’t capable of boosting movement speed or lessening the damage. Thiva can boost the speed of rescue. But, it’s not always efficient in all games.

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3. Shoot in the field of force

This is the reason why Chrono is so far better than Thiva and Dimitri. Although Dimitri allows players to self-recover in the zone, it’s not as effective as Chrono.

Chrono can generate an area of force that lets you stop 600 damages. This is a significant benefit since players and their friends can also shoot enemies in the same area.


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