Top 7 tips on Free Fire to make use of Gloo Walls just like professional players

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Gloo walls are the most useful item available to use in Free-Fire. They are a great option in many different situations for defense and offense. Professionally skilled players can use the equipment to a large extent and improve their chances of winning an event.

While gloo walls can be easy to use, however, they can be difficult to master. With so many different ways to utilize them, learning about it all could be confusing. But, by following a few simple guidelines, players will master them as professional players.

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Master the art of using gloo walls in Free Fire properly by following these simple tips

The reaction time of a person is crucial

Installing a gloo wall quick is the initial step to mastering the product. This will ensure that only minimal damage is sustained in fights. Furthermore, gamers will have the ability to assume defensive positions and take glimpse shots.

Placing it at the right angle will make all the difference

The location of the gloo wall can be crucial for Free Fire. In the wrong direction can expose the players to fire coming from the outside. The players will be with no options to move since they’ll be pinched down.

Trap opponents in tight places

In tight areas or structures, gloo walls may be used to keep opponents. This provides players with an opportunity to heal or throw bombs behind the wall, causing the opponent to be killed.

Use it to escape from a close-range gunfight

It’s not always the case that a shooting match during Free Fire goes according to strategy. The majority of the time, opponents gain the upper hand, and players are left in limbo. While the fight can’t be won, escape to survive can be done thanks to walls of gloo.

Place gloo walls down while rotating in open areas

If you’re playing in an open space, it’s recommended to put up the walls with gloo before. If an enemy can ambush players, they’ll be ready to run to the safety of their surroundings immediately and fight to defend themselves.

Climb structure using gloo walls

Gloo walls permit players to build structures that are normally impossible to access. This is a major benefit in a house-to-house rush or when surrounding the enemy from the highest ground.

Use the 360° gloo wall trick to gain full cover

It is said that the 360-degree gloo trick is among the most valuable skills found that you can learn in Free Fire. It allows players to create the gloo wall, allowing them to easily heal and counter an opponent.


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