Three of the best Evo guns to be found in Free Fire in 2021

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Garena Free Fire’s Evo gun skins are among the game’s distinctive features. These are enhanced skins, and players can upgrade them to access different privileges like improved statistics or firing results.

The initial list was added to the battle royale game less than a year in the past. Since then, the developers have been updating the list regularly with a variety of. In the wake of speculation, an additional Evo gun skin is expected to get added on Free Fire in connection with the Booyah Day celebration shortly.

Explore these Evo gun skins in Free Fire (November 2021)

MP40 – Predatory Cobra

MP40 is among the guns most commonly used within Garena Free Fire. This is why the Evo skin that comes with the gun has become a favorite among the fans. The first time it was introduced was in February of this year. To upgrade their game, players must make use of Venomous Fang (MP40) tokens. Must chck – FF redeem Code.

At the highest level, this is the stats that MP40 Predatory Cobra has boosted:

  • Damage: “++”
  • Rate of Fire: “+.”
  • Reload Speed: “-“

SCAR – Megalodon Alpha

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SCAR SCAR Megalodon Alpha is one of the most beautiful skins available for the firearm, along with Cupid SCAR and Ultimate Titan SCAR. The distinctive design for the skin looks beautiful.

Garena had added this one month before the Predatory Cobra was released, i.e., in January 2020. This time around, with this method, using Shark Tooth (Scar) tokens, it is possible to have the skin upgraded.

Here are the results to the skin

  • Damage: “+”
  • Rate of Fire: “++”
  • Reload Speed: “-“

AK – Blue Flame Draco

AK Blue Flame Draco: Blue Flame Draco is probably the most popular skin available of Free Fire. The demand for it shows its value. This skin was introduced on the Indian server using its Faded Wheel a few days back.

The Evo gun skin was among the first skins introduced into Free Fire and first appeared in 2020. To unlock the benefits, you need the players must use the Dragon Scale tokens.

Here are the consequences of AK Blue Flame Draco.

  • Damage: “+”
  • Rate of Fire: “++”
  • Movement Speed: “-“

Disclaimer: In stats, a single “+” indicates a rise, whereas a single “-” indicates a reduction.


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