Top 5 Free Fire Tips for rank pushes for newbies to get to the Heroic tier

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Free Fire is a tier-based ranking system to provide a thrilling battle royale experience. Players can increase their ranks into higher tiers to face more competition against their opponents and increase their abilities.

Heroic is among the most elite levels, with plenty of fantastic benefits for players. The players who make it there will get 5000 gold coins as well as an amazing avatar.

Free Tips for firing to rank push strategies for novices to get to Heroic

Pick the drop location with care

Players trying to make it to the Heroic stage should begin landing the first and most quickly in the location, they want to land in. This will allow them to collect decent loot and be aware of the opponent’s landing areas. Players can devise strategies to eliminate the opposition team clean and earn additional ranking points through kill points.

Weapon choice

Another suggestion for beginners who want to get to the Heroic stage is to make sure you have a wide selection of guns. The best guns to choose are weapons with low recoil to ensure better gameplay.

There are a variety of SMGs and Assault Rifles that have low recoil and a moderate rate of firing and the ability to deal damage for each hit.

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Character selection

Free Fire offers more than 30 characters. Gamers can take advantage of their capabilities to push their rank. These characters possess unique abilities, including healing zones, enhanced mobility speed, and so on. more DJ Alok Chrono, A124, Chrono and Wukong are among the most effective Free Fire characters for beginners pushing up tiers to Heroic.

Survival is important

Survival is the most important element of ranking, pushing up to levels such as Heroic. Users must be able to make it until the end of the zones to earn more ranking points. It can help them climb up the leaderboards. Free Fire offers more tier points to players who remain alive until the end of the game.

Improve aim and accuracy

The most effective tip for those new to Free Fire is improving their accuracy and focus. This will allow them to gain confidence when they engage in close combat.

They can increase their accuracy by altering their settings for sensitivity or controlling layout and training on practice grounds.


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