Five top Free Fire characters to use during the rush games

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Free Fire can be described as a well popular and widely downloaded game of battle royale that is downloaded all over the globe. Because of its ability to play smoothly on every device, The game is enjoyed by gamers of all ages. It has lively and dynamic gameplay as well as stunning graphics.

In-game, players can equip different weapons and characters. The characters are unique in their abilities that can be used in combat.

The most powerful Free Fire characters to use for a flurry of action in August 2021.

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A124 is among the most popular Free Fire characters for rush gameplay. A124’s skills, Thrill of Battle converts part of her EP to HP.

The upgrade can cool down for 90 minutes. It can change up to 20 Energy Points into Health Points (HP) and convert them for 20 seconds. For FF Redeem Code Visit this post.

2. Chrono

Cristiano Ronaldo, who is a renowned sportsperson, has been the source of inspiration for Chrono. The name knows his talents of Time-Turner.

It can protect up to 600 damage from enemies. Its duration is 3.0 seconds on its most basic level. The speed of moving increases by 15 percent.

3. DJ Alok

The 3rd character in the group is DJ Alok, very famous in the world of Free Fire players for his Drop the Beat skill. This lets players generate an aura that lasts for 5m which they can replenish 5HP/sec.

The base level of the game is 5 seconds. Apart from health-restoring and ally movement, it also enhanced by 10%.

4. Xayne

Xayne is an excellent choice for players who love adrenaline-driven gameplay. Her power is known as Extreme Encounter. You can get 80 HP for a brief period.

Additionally, the effect of a gloo wall or shield is increased by 40 percent. The ability is available for a that lasts for 10 sec and a cooldown for 150 seconds.

5. Jota

Jota is a great choice for players who love shooting Free Fire and SMGs. His strength is Sustained Rifles. This lets them gain 25 HP instantly after defeating an opponent using the guns mentioned above.

These abilities are extremely useful when fighting close quarters. The user can replenish up to 40 HP by completing the maximum upgrade level after the back of an SMG killing or shotgun death.


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