Free Fire Name Change Card: How do you obtain pricing, cost, and other potential ways to get it

Free Fire Redeem Code

Free Fire players can be aware when creating their accounts. In this way, players pick random names. However, this nickname can be changed in the future. However, it requires investing in a large number of diamonds.

The players must pay 399 diamonds or purchase the IGN Change Card to alter their IGN. The card was offered for free in the Regional Battle, where Nepal, India, and Bangladesh players fought each other. But this hasn’t been played as of the time that when the Bangladesh server was split. Also check FF Redeem code today.

Everything you need to know about the name change card that is included in Free Fire

Free Fire Redeem Code

When you consider the expense of changing the IGN, The price for the Name Change Card has grown significantly. One of the most common ways to get it in the game is to use Guild Tokens. The players will require to purchase a total of 200 Guild Tokens together with 39 diamonds.

However, users must finish the Daily Guild Quests to earn Guild Tokens. When they’ve earned enough tokens and diamonds, they can follow the steps below to alter the IGN:

Step 1. After playing the game, players can immediately go into the shop.

Step 2. Next, you need to hit the redeem section and then select Guild Token.

Step 3. Users must press the name Change Card and then click the button for exchange. If a dialog box appears on the screen, they need to confirm that the change has been made.

The Guild Tokens and Diamonds will be taken out of the account when they receive an Identity Change card. It is a Name Change Card is frequently offered as a reward during certain events. It was also accessible at level 2 of the just-completed Diwali Level Up Shop. 

Furthermore, Name Change is one of the items available inside the Mystery Shop. This means that players can purchase it when they are launched on the server.


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