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Garena Free Fire is an online esports video game developed in collaboration with 111 Dots Studio and published by Garena for both IOS and Android players. The game was launched in 2017 in a beta release for Android as well as IOS. Free Fire arrived when battlegrounds games were still relatively new on the scene.

Garena Free Fire beta version was released before PUBG. Four years later, the title was still being held by Garena Free Fire. Now, players are showing enthusiasm for mobile gaming, which led to battleground games expanding their market. This entire scenario is what makes Free Fire one of the top downloaded battleground games.

Free Fire received the “Best Popular Vote Game” award by Google Play Store back in 2019. By 2021 Free Fire has set records with more than one billion active users per day worldwide.

Play Free Fire

FF is an online game of battle that is played in a 3rd-person viewpoint. When playing where you are thrown through a parachute alongside fellow players from an Island, you must find weapons and other equipment that will kill the other players.

If you play in a game, you can board a plane that will fly over the map. When it is flying across all of the terrains, players can hop on wherever they like. You can choose the best location to search for weapons and equipment.

Now, you must locate the proper weapons, grenades, and a medi kit, and other gear on the island for yourself to live. The ultimate objective is to live until the final. To achieve this, it is necessary to remove the entire team of 49 players.

The areas of safe play on the map of the game decrease as time passes. You must be able to stay in the more restricted areas to avoid battles. The player or team that’s last standing wins the game.

Mods for Free Fire Games

Free Fire can be described as the most popular Esports game due to a variety of reasons. One of them is game modes. In Garena FF, there are a variety of game modes available, and then the game modes become forever. Here are some game modes from Free Fire:

  • Classic Game Classic: This model provides you with the standard BR experience. You must take on and kill the other 49 players to be victorious in the game.
  • Rush Hour: In this play mode, you must compete with 19 other players within the smallest space. This is a good option when you are looking for brief battleground games.
  • Clash Squad: This mode is playing against only one team and three teammates. Seven rounds to the game. It is the team with the highest score wins that will be declared a winner. Every time you kill or victory, you’ll earn points that can be used to purchase weapons and equipment at the beginning of the course. It is most beneficial if you enjoy playing games that are short with your friends.
  • Bighead: It is a fun deathmatch for teams in which every player has the size of ahead. Your head size will increase when you kill someone.

The essential option is classic. It comes with rank variations with a sophisticated matchmaking system that allows you to play against players of similar skill ranks. This means you’ll be playing against other players who have similar abilities to yours.

If you’re able to win the contest and you win, you’ll earn points that help you get higher rankings, and the next time will be matched against better players. Each Free Fire season, you will receive a fantastic FFF reward based on your performance.

Free Maps for Fire Maps

When FF was launched for the first time, it only had one map known as Bermuda. However, now Garena has added two maps. The three maps are distinct from each other and possess distinct characteristics as well.


Bermuda is among the most well-known maps of the game. Bermuda is an island on which you can see lots of beaches and trees. The most well-known spot shown on this map is Bermuda’s summit and the clock tower. It’s a standard map, and you will not have to download additional maps for this one, which creates Bermuda famous.


The map was released the second time in Purgatory, and it’s an extremely well-liked map and skilled FF players like Purgatory over Bermuda. There are numerous rivers on the map, and the most hazardous location on the entire map is Brasilia.


Kalahari is one of the most extensive maps of the game, and it has several places that might find some notch loots. Stone Ridge is the most frequented spot on the game’s map.

Presently, Free Fire has three maps. However, Garena keeps updating and improving the game to improve the experience for players. So, we might get more maps shortly.

Characters of Fire Free

One of the things that make Free Fire distinct from other battleground games is the character and pets. Numerous characters are in the game, each with various abilities that aid you greatly during the game.

At present, there are 38 characters in the game, each that have different abilities. This is the complete list of all the thirty-eight characters that are currently available.

  • Alok ( Ability to Drop the beat )
  • A124 ( Ability to fight Thrill )
  • Antonio ( ability – The spirit of a gangster )
  • Alvaro ( ability – the art of demolishing)
  • Caroline ( ability / agility )
  • Chrono ( Ability – Time Turner )
  • Andrew ( Ability – Armor Specialist )
  • Clu ( Ability to track steps )
  • Dasha ( Ability to Party on )
  • Hayato ( Ability – Bushido )
  • Ford ( ability iron will )
  • Jai ( Ability to Reload Raging )
  • Joseph ( Ability – Nutty Movement )
  • K ( Capability to master all )
  • Jota ( Ability to sustain Raids )
  • Kelly ( Ability Dash) Dash )
  • Kapella ( Ability – Healing Song )
  • Kelly ( Ability to Dash )
  • Kla ( ability to Muay Thai )
  • Laura ( ability Sharp Shooter )
  • Maxim ( ability to – Gluttony )
  • Lucretia – ( Capacity to Hat Trick )
  • Misha ( Ability Afterburner )
  • Miguel ( Ability – Crazy slayer )
  • Moco ( ability Hacker’s eye )
  • Nikita ( ability – Expert in Firearms)
  • Nulla ( Ability Nulla ( Ability )
  • Notora ( the ability of a racer – Blessing for the Racer )
  • Olivia ( ability to heal Touch )
  • Paloma ( ability to deal in arms )
  • Primis ( Ability – None )
  • Shani ( Capability to Gear Recycle )
  • Rafael ( Ability Dead Silent )
  • Skyler ( Capability – Riptide Rhythm )
  • Shirou ( Ability to deliver damage )
  • Wolfrahh ( Ability Limelight )
  • Steffie ( Ability – Painted Refuge )
  • Wukong (Ability — Camouflage )
  • Primis ( Ability (No ability )

There’s a wide variety of characters with special abilities and talents in the game, and Garena is constantly improving its game to provide an improved experience. More characters could be added to the game; however, Garena already has a massive number of characters.

And what’s the most crucial thing that you should know? It is possible to get all these characters for free through the Free Fire redeem code . Also, you could obtain Alok If you’re lucky.

No-cost Fire Pets

Free Fire is the best esports game because of many factors, and one of them is the pets. Garena Free Fire provides pets to players. Each pet comes with its talent and skill.

There are currently thirteen pets in the game. Each pet comes with the ability to do so, except Mechanical Pup or Kitty. Below is a listing of all 13 Free Fire pets-

  • Beaston ( Ability to Help Hand )
  • Mr. Waggor ( Ability – Smooth Gloo )
  • Rockie ( ability to stay Chill )
  • Ottero ( Ability Double Blubber )
  • Falco ( Ability Falco ( Ability Skyline Spree )
  • Robo ( Capability to Wall Enforcement )
  • Poring ( Ability to Stitch and Patch )
  • Spirit Fox ( Ability Well Fed )
  • Shiba ( ability to sense the smell of mushrooms )
  • Mechanical Dog ( Ability – Not able )
  • Kitty ( Ability to not be able )
  • Panda ( Ability to Bless Panda )
  • Night Panther ( Ability to train for weight )

Pets are pricey in the FF shop. However, you don’t have to fret about it. Pets are the most crucial aspect of the game, and you should use a pet if you are looking to win a game due to its ability that can assist you greatly when playing.

You can get a pet to earn an FF reward with the help of the FF redeem codes that we’ve provided to you. All it takes is fortune, but you will discover anything with this FF code.

Unlocked Fire Weapons

Free Fire Redeem Code

Weapons are essential in combat games. Free Fire includes a wide range of weapons, including many, that are available in classic mode, but certain weapons are only available in specific modes such as Clash Squad and Bighead.

Free Fire guns fall classified into a variety of categories. Here is the complete list of the weapons available that are available in the game

Light Machine Guns

  • Gatling
  • M249


  • RGS50
  • MGL140
  • M79

Sub Machine Guns

  • P90
  • CG15
  • MP40
  • MP5
  • UMP
  • VSS
  • Thompson


  • Grenade
  • Katana
  • Pan
  • Bat
  • Machete


  • Treatment Gun
  • M1873
  • M500
  • G18
  • USP
  • Desert Eagle
  • Hand Cannon


  • Spas12
  • M1014
  • M1887


  • Crossbow


  • M82B
  • Kar98
  • AWM

Assault Rifles

  • An94
  • AK
  • M60
  • XM8
  • SVD
  • Famas
  • M4A1
  • SKS
  • Groza
  • Scar
  • M14
  • Heat gun
  • Parafal
  • AUG

Are you aware of is the fascinating thing regarding Free Fire guns? Each gun has its distinct skins that have different features as well. FF gamers are crazy for guns ‘ skins than characters and pets.

You can also purchase guns’ skins as a free Fire reward with the help of the FF redeem code we have mentioned previously. Skins for guns are a crucial aspect if you wish to be an excellent FF player.

No cost Fire Game Ratings and Reviews

Free Fire can be described as the most popular battleground game on the planet. The game is the most played esports game of all time. At present, it boasts more than 500 million downloaded, and the number keeps increasing. A handful of apps have achieved this level of downloads.

The majority of these figures are seen mostly in business-related applications and seldom in games. However, FF has reached this massive proportion. Battleground games have not been as close to Free Fire in terms of download ratio.

In addition, Free Fire is currently the top-grossing game available on the market. It boasts an average of 4.2-star reviews and is played by over 90 million people. That is what makes Free Fire the top Esports game in the world.


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