The 5 most frequent mistakes that players make in their attempts to climb the ladder in Free Fire

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When you are pushing your ranks in Free Fire, players tend to make basic mistakes that cost their game and can slow down gaining rank. While most players can figure out how to avoid these errors or correct the mistakes, some are not aware that they’ve made mistakes initially. There are some mistakes that players must avoid when trying to push to the top spot when playing Free Fire.

The most commonly made errors that players make when trying to climb higher in Free Fire

1. Do not put up the gloo wall.

It’s a big mistake not to make use of walls made of gloo in Free Fire. People who do not use walls with gloos for the rush, cover, or even the end-zone advantage usually fail to win the game. It can take time and practice to become proficient with the gloowall because there are always placement issues. It’s an extremely versatile tool once you’ve had it mastered.

Walls made of gloo can be employed for both offensive and defensive purposes. Highly skilled players can utilize them to keep their enemies in check or force them out of their safe zone. They can be difficult for beginners. However, they’re worthy of the time and effort.

2. Being too aggressive

The majority of players land on the field and then begin shooting and looking for kills. While this type of play may provide some benefits, it’s not the ideal strategy to employ every time.

In some instances, players require to play defensively or passively to get to the final zone and get more points so that they can rank up quickly. Every fight does not have to be taken on.

3. Don’t play by yourself

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If players are looking to climb rapidly at the top of their game in Free Fire, they should not be playing with teams. They are messy and chaotic. However, they are enjoyable ways to play the game. Participating in random teams is the most effective strategy to be killed in-game.

Playing solo is the ideal way to get maximum enjoyment from the game. It will allow you to understand the game’s tactics and strategies for playing. When players are comfortable on their own, they can join with other players and create a team for Free Fire. Also check Free Fire Redeem Code Today.

4. Landing at the wrong spots

The player’s choice to not place their land in an optimal position in the game is one of the major reasons that rank push doesn’t perform well. The edges and hot-drop zones are among the most popular places where players find themselves.

Instead, players should be in areas that are less populated with adequate loot. It is best to avoid falling off the edge of the map because they might be spotted in the unsafe zone.

5. Do not make use of silencers.

Silencers are better than muzzles. The problem is that most gamers don’t employ them in games because they want to cause the most damage to their guns. Muzzles can be employed. However, silencers are more efficient for general use.

They’re great during sniping because they stop players from appearing by the miniature map. The adversaries won’t be able to spot players who shoot further.


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