Who is the biggest hacker in free fire?

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Free Fire has become an extremely popular game across India when PUBG mobile was removed from the servers. Some streamers have switched to Free Fire to play the Battle Royale game for their streaming on the internet. 

Along with streamers, hackers also have been experimenting with this game, trying to get into the game as effectively as they can. Free Fire players are looking for information about who is the most prolific hacker in Free Fire for more information about hackers. 

Here’s the complete information on the most powerful hacker in Free Fire to assist the players.

Who is The Biggest Hacker in Free Fire?

Many players are currently using mods on Free Fire, and players are interested in knowing who is the largest hacker on Free Fire. Are you interested in knowing this? If so, continue reading this article.


When you type in this phrase via the web, you can see many names on the screen, but choosing the right one is a difficult task. Many people claim to be an 11-year-old Nepali boy called Biraj, who is the largest Free Fire hacker as of this moment.

If you’re not convinced, or the people who claim to call Biraj the most hacker-like person in FF, then take a look at Biraj’s YouTube video.

The video was posted on India’s most popular YouTube channel Total Gaming Live. It’s been an entire year since the footage showed Biraj enjoying Free Fire uploaded on YouTube and has racked up over 4 million viewers.

When this video was first uploaded to YouTube, millions were watched on YouTube. The video shows you’ll see how Biraj employs the hack to eliminate his foes in FF. In addition to Biraj, many other players are considered the top hacker on Free Fire. Who is the biggest hacker in free fire india? Answer is Biraj. He is also a free fire lobby hacker.

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Team Mod

In a video posted on 2STATE Gamers, a user identified as “PSteamMod” can be observed playing Free Fire and killing more than 45 players in one minute. This is a lot more than what a normal player would kill in a minute.

If you haven’t seen team Mod play Free Fire using mod or hacks, you can catch it now.

Biraj and the team mod aren’t just players around the globe who make use of hacks and mods within Free Fire and leave millions of players stunned by their gameplay. There are thousands of players using mods to alter the game and alter the gameplay, and it’s an impossible task to determine who is the best Hacker on Free Fire.


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